Last week I had the opportunity to spend a day with two dynamic healthcare ‘futurists’ Dave Chase from Health Rosettaand Josh Luke, PhD ( While the conversation was stimulating on many levels, here’s what I took away from their many insights.

  1. In the healthcare community there are many futurists who are vying for the spotlight although only a few are really making a difference. A healthcare futurist is not a figure head who simply proposes grand ideas of change. Ideas like transparency, the quadruple aim, and public/private partnership are interesting topics for a speech. However, speaking isn’t transforming the healthcare ecosystem and it’s really about the body of work and ability to create action that counts. A true healthcare futurist is all about putting action behind their words and creates tangible transformation. As Dave Chase says on Health Rosetta, “Healthcare is already fixed. We just need to scale the fixes.”
  2. A healthcare futurist isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Josh Luke isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said and can certainly ruffle a few feathers. The difference is Josh has experiences across the healthcare landscape including becoming a hospital CEO at 32 and as a caregiver for his grandmother. He’s not just another ivory tower CEO throwing out solutions for providers and patients. Josh has a deep appreciation and understanding of all aspects of the healthcare continuum including through the eyes of a patient caregiver.
  3. Andy Stanley states in his book Visioneering, “Where there is no vision (insert) will perish.” A healthcare futurist can not only create and cast a vision, they are committing their life’s work to seeing the vision through. Dave Chase is working on two projects including Development of The Big Heist, a follow-the-money film on the destruction from healthcare’s status quo… and the coming redemption. He’s also creating a field guide for purchasers to take control of benefits spending called the CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to deliver world class healthcare to your employees at half the costDr. Luke pioneers transformational change in care delivery focused on patient preferences, safety, and financial exposure to the provider with his Discharge with Dignity guide to post acute care.

As the debate over fixing America’s healthcare rages on it’s imperative we look to the true healthcare futurists for guidance and direction. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have spent time with two healthcare futurists who have compelling answers to some of the tough healthcare questions. I encourage you to follow both Dave Chase and Josh Luke and listen to two healthcare futurists proposals for how we change healthcare for the better.