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Meet Justin

Fatherhood Disruptor | Healthcare Innovator | TEDx Speaker | OCR Athlete

Justin Batt is one of the fortunate people who found the collision of their calling and passion in life.  He is passionate about disrupting fatherhood by encouraging and equipping fathers to be intentional parents who raise good kids that become great adults.  Justin is a healthcare innovator and works in the B2B sector with the largest biopharmaceutical and life science companies in the world.  Justin is a prolific entrepreneur with several startups across technology, retail and real estate.  He is an author, international and TEDx speaker, host of multiple podcasts and OCR athlete.

The Daddy Saturday Book

Justin Batt is a modern day dad who’s not writing from the point of a parenting expert or psychologist.  Instead, he’s a father of four children who’s in the trenches of fatherhood everyday doing his best to raise good good kids who become great adults.  In his book, Daddy Saturday, Justin shares his path to winning as a parent through personal stories of success and failure, ideas and application for how to be an intentional parent and sets a vision for the future of fatherhood.

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